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Best Time to Visit HUMANTAY LAGOON

Humantay Lake

Best Time to visit Laguna Humantay



1-day hike to a paradisiac Andean place

The Humantay Lagoon is a hidden pearl of the Andean chain! You will hike along the amazing Cusco highlands until arriving at this heavenly, energetic spot! On this article we will recommend you the best times of the year for doing this great tour!



→Best Time of the Year for the Humantay Lagoon Hike

Enjoy the best season of the Humantay Lake tour with Happy Gringo Tours

When is the best season to enjoy the Humantay Lake?


→ The Humantay Lagoon trek is not about defying, defeating hostile nature! It is about doing a peaceful, relaxing, invigorating, upbeat excursion across the uplifting Cusco mountains. Thus, the best time for doing this wonderful journey will obviously be dry season, that is, from April to October. Hiking on rainy season (November to March) along the Andes is more for adrenaline-seeking, challenge-looking, warrior-like characters! Anyway, we will talk a little about it later.


►On dry season, weather is cold, strong winds but no rain whatsoever, no muddy or wet terrain either. Get yourself really warm clothing and accessories and you’ll be alright.


→ The Humantay Lagoon is an astonishing place to be and to see! You will spend a good while at this marvelous spot! Besides clearing your mind and replenish bodily energy just by being there, the landscapes are perfect for glorious pictures, there are the mighty snowies all around under a wonderful sky ceiling, and the Humantay Lagoon itself mirroring everything on its still blue waters.


→ Happy Gringo additionally gives interested customers the amazing chance to do a special photographic session either at sunrise or sunset time, for the views at these hours are strikingly beautiful! This great adventure can be booked as an extra, as an upgrade of your Humantay Lagoon package.


What is the best season to go to Humantay Lagoon Hike?

Humantay Lagoon during dry season


A word about rainy season for the troopers or people who don’t mind waiting for a pouring to pass: climate will be warmer, the path most likely muddy but overall it will be sunny most of the time, as gray clouds vanish.


→Adding Other Attractions to a 1-Day Humantay Lagoon Hike

Since this is a 1-day trek, you can also book another of our premier packages, like Machu Picchu (we have several great options!), the Titicaca Lake region, the Sacred Valley of the Incas and so on. Please check the website for complete information about all our tours. They can also be fully personalized or done as private programs.►

►You can too take the chance of your stay in the Cusco region to enjoy typical, colorful celebrations: in mid-February we have the Carnival, with plenty of local foods and drinks, Andean dances, music and a general festive atmosphere. On June 24th there is the amazing Inti Raymi or Sun Festival, which is held in Cusco City at three different places: the ancient Koricancha Temple, the Plaza de Armas (Main Square) and finally the massive Sacsayhuaman fortress. It recreates the original Inca ceremony, which was presided by the emperor and all royalty.→

We hope you have already clear now what is the best time for a Humantay Lagoon trek! Contact our staff for any further question and booking a top travel experience in Cusco!→

How Long is the Humantay Lake Hike?

The Hike to Humantay Lake take 1 to 1.5 hours, depending on your physical level.

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