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Getting Lost in the Streets of San Blas Cusco

San Blas Cusco

The narrow cobbled streets of San Blas are one of the most charming places in the whole of Peru. The artisan quarter of Cusco, San Blas requires a bit of lung exercise to reach here. It is beautiful, simple, and humble, a location for inquisitive travellers and skilful souls, and a place that draws gives you real bliss.

Curled up on a steep hillside after the centre of the town, San Blas is situated within walking distance of Cusco’s Plaza de Armas. To discover more about San Blas Cusco, read ahead!

San Blas Cusco

San Blas Boutiques

When you reach the top of Cuesta San Blas, you will get views of the Iglesia de San Blas. It looks simple on the outside, houses an exquisitely-carved baroque alter inside, wrapped in gold leaf. 

The attractive Plaza San Blas is flanked by white-washed houses with red-tiled roofs. The blue-painted doors and balconies look alluring.

San Blas Cusco

Plaza San Blas

During the weekends, the plaza is a centre of recreation as tourists and locals gather around the small market stalls. For the rest of the time, it stays as a tranquil spot to unwind, relax and chit-chat with friends.

San Blas Weekend Market

Cobbled, narrow and traffic-free alleys come around Plaza San Blas, which are attached by a sequel of ancient stone steps. You do not require a map around here. Only bring a camera, a willing eye for detail and a joyful taste of adventure.

The back streets of San Blas Cusco are beautiful, devoid of tourists and peaceful. Because of their height, they have some stunning views down to the city below.

San Blas Cusco

Final Words

Life definitely strides at a sluggish pace through San Blas. The development and modernity of central Cusco will surely reach this neighbourhood very soon. However, the city currently remains a soothing retreat from the rush of the 21st century.

If you are vigilant enough throughout your journey, you will also discover a few cafes, art galleries, shops, museums and restaurants dotted around. If you wish to get some really extraordinary gifts in Cusco, San Blas is the spot to get them.

It’s simple, humble and beautiful, a place for curious wanderers and creative souls, and somewhere that draws you back – time and time again.

Get ready to schedule your visit to the most favourite neighbourhood in the city and Cusco’s artisan quarter. Get lost in the mystery of the cobbled, narrow streets of San Blas Cusco.

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