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Sacred Valley Vip - 1 Day

Andean Women in the Sacred Valley

Sacred Valley Vip – Full Day Around Cuzco City

The Sacred Valley Vip is a spectacular new tour to experience all important attractions of Cusco. Therefore this Cuzco tour will take you only in one day to explore the five Inca ruins.

▬ Chinchero

Historical village that conquerors have dimolished the palace of Tupac Inca Yupanqui to establish the colonial church and culture. Nowadays you can get to see the resistance in its inhabitants, as they inhabit the Inca constructions almost intact, in the same town where their ancestors lived and formed the largest and most prosperous nation in South America

Today the village is known as The Rainbow Town and its location is at 28 kilometers northwest of the Cuzco, over 3,870 meters above the sea level, at an intermediate location between the highlands, Sacred valley, surrounded by snow-capped mountains and lakes Piuray and Huaypo.

▬ Moray

Experience the laboratory of agriculture from 15th century. This place used to very important to acclimate all wild eateble plants from the valley of the Andes. Today the impressive site of Moray is intact!.

Terraces of Moray

▬ Salineras

→ The salt mines since pre-Inca time still alive waiting for travelers

→ There are more than 5 thousand salt pans

▬ Ollantaytambo Inca Ruin

Impressive Inka site of Ollantaytambo was a strategical military, religious and agricultural center. The architectural scene is exceptional in its size, style and originality of its architecture. The name comes from Quechua word Ollantay «which was the name of a warrior, whose story was saved as an oral tradition, and written as a drama of Antonio Valdez Urubamba priest in mid-eighteenth century».

During the Inka time the village used to be a Tambo , which means a place where the travelers such as Chaskis or messengers, Quipucamayoc or accountants, runners, warriors, etc. Could get accommodation, food and water. Basically a resting place of travelers in the past.

▬ Pisac Andean Market

The town is very colorful every day, the streets fill to overflowing with artisans selling their goods.

→ The sunday is the best and busiest day to visit by far. Local people from miles around pack up their llamas and donkeys in the early hours of the morning in order to arrive and set up stalls; where they trade vegetables and other products. Even if you’re not a shopper, the market is worth a visit. It’s a great place to take photos and people-watch.

The quality of the goods can be a little imperfect, and, if you’re looking to get a good quality on any one item, you’re better off in a fine gallery or store in Cuzco. On the other hand, the prices are low and it is a great andean market to buy beautiful souvenirs from Pisac.

▬ Pisac Inka Citadel

The second biggest city after Machu Picchu is one of the most incredible place in Cusco. Its name comes from a very common type of Bird in this area known PISAQA or Partridge. Because the pre-Columbian city has a shape of a Andean bird representing the local fauna. Also there is the biggest cemetery of South America, the agricultural terraces, the sundial or intihautana, Qolqas or graneries, water canals, the tunnel and neighborhoods.

Carrying out the Sacred Valley Vip tour you will see the most outstanding places of Pisaq but taking a 1 day hike from Pisac town to citadel is very impressive and you will get to see all Inca city.

Pisac Inca ruins

► Departures: Everyday

The pick up from your Hotel around 06:30 hrs.

Returns → around 18.00 hrs approximately

Duration → Full Day Tour

Overview On the Sacred Valley Vip Tour

Sacred Valley VIP takes you around the length of the Sacred Valley of the Inkas, visiting important Inca ruins of interest of Chinchero, Moray, Salt Mines or Salineras, Urubamba, Ollantaytambo and Pisac.

In this tour you visit the traditional markets and Inka sites of Cuzco. 

The lunch place is in Urubamba, where you can choose buffet or served both meals not included in the itinerary

Day 1
Itinerary on the Sacred Valley in Peru

We will pick up you from your hotel in Cusco at 6:30 a.m. and bus drive for one hour by bus to Chinchero, a small town with beautiful views of the Sacred Valley of the Incas. In this magical village, you get to see adobe houses, narrow Inka streets, and people in traditional Peruvian dresses. Here, the local people still practice many Inca customs and crafts. You have the opportunity to see demonstration of how alpaca fibers is washed and dyed using native plants and minerals. Also the remarkable Inca terraces. palace of Pachacuti and the colonial church of Chinchero

Then, we will carry on our trip to Moray «Laboratory of Agriculture» in order to appreciate the spectacular terraces used by the Incas for agricultural experiments and cultivating seeds . There, you will notice how they cleverly designed a drainage system at the bottom of the platforms to avoid flooding during the rainy time.

After the tour of Moray, you will take a 20 minute bus ride to The Salt mines or Salineras. At this beautiful place, you can see the pans fed by saline spring water that were built on steep terraces along one side of a narrow valley. The water is sent throughout the pans by a network of channels; where the water slowly evaporates leaving the salt behind.

Salt has been collected from Maras since Pre-Incan epoch and it is thought that a collective of salt miners has maintained the terraces and channels for hundreds of years. After we will follow the beautiful route to Urubamba, the capital of the Sacred Valley, where we will stop for lunch.

▬ From Urubamba we will continue our trip to the Inka town of Ollantaytambo. Ollantaytambo is a classic Incan city which conserved the traditional Incan urban construction of narrow streets adjacent to flowing streams

As you walk through the stone streets, the gentle sound of flowing water will make it easy for you to imagine the city as it was in the time of the Inkas. In the upper part of the town, there is an sacred ceremonial center that was used for water worship and also a mighty fortress that protected the access point to the lower part of the valley.

Then we will take you to the small town of Pisac, where you can enjoy its lively artisan market and have some free time to experience with the townsfolk and to shop for handicrafts and souvenirs. Finally, you will be taken to visit the Pisaq Ruin before you return to Cuzco around 6:00

Inclusions on the Sacred Valley in Cusco

  • Pick up from your hotel
  • Professional bilingual English and Spanish tour guide
  • Tourist bus

Exclusions on the Sacred Valley Vip Tours

  • Full Tourist ticket (Boleto Turístico) S/70
  • Salt mines 10 soles
  • Buffet lunch at Urubamba.

Sacred Valley Vip F.A.Qs

What you need to take for Sacred Valley Vip?

▬ Tourist ticket

▬ Sun hat

▬ Sun protection cream (factor 35 recommended)

▬ Waterproof jacket/rain poncho

▬ Water

The Map of the sacred valley of the Inkas

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