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Why You Should Trek to Ausangate Cusco – Ausangate Mountain

An expedition to Ausangate cliff is one of spontaneous charm, living history, and archaic spirituality. The Quechua people consider Ausangate Mountain as one of the holy mountains in all of the Andes. It is the fifth tallest mountain in Peru standing at 20,945 feet above sea level.

The 6-Day high-altitude Ausangate trek while being a visually startling adventure, also it is something like a spiritual pilgrimage. This 6- day hike takes you through high passes. It is challenging and suggested to only seasonal hikers who have experience of hiking at high peaks.

Throughout this Ausangate trek, you will soar and swoop through mystical glaciers, thermal lakes, mountain ranges, green mossy passes, and immense snowy mountains. You will also come across local communities and Andean village culture. You will get a glimpse of interesting wildlife like condors, chinchillas, and so on.

Although the Ausangate Rainbow mountain trek does not take you to Machu Picchu, it is a popular trek as Inca Trail

Ausangate Mountain, Ausangate Trek

Spiritual Significance 

The Quechua people believe that the mountain Apus has a spirit residing there to protect the local people in the highlands. Ausangate Mountain is believed to be surrounded by eleven other sacred Apus of the Cusco area.

The route of the Ausangate trek is believed to be the most heartfelt pilgrimage in the Andes and also it is one of the renowned hikes in Peru. 

Altitude Sickness Peru Machu Picchu, Salkantay Trek vs. Lares Trek, Ausangate Mountain, Ausangate Trek

Difficulties in the Trekking Route 

The Ausangate trek is considered challenging and arduous. It is ideal for those who have a good level of fitness in the multi-day trekking hike experience at high elevations. You need to be acclimated to avoid altitude sickness

Another significant factor is steep sections in the route, 16000+ feet elevation passes, and the weather. The weather can be unpredictable and low temperature, cold and snowy.  Your tolerance level to this weather decides your sustainability of the trek route.

The two notable mountain passes are Arapa Pass and Palomani pass. 

Altitude Sickness Peru Machu Picchu, Ausangate Mountain, Ausangate Trek

Best Time to Go 

From May to September, is a suitable time for all the Peru hiking tours. In this dry season, the weather in the Andes is sunnier and days are clear so you can enjoy the lovely scenario. During the rainy season, it gets slippery and is somewhat challenging. 


After going through this article, we hope you have got all the necessary information about the Ausangate mountain trek. Now, you need to make up your mind when you want to enjoy the scenic and sacred beauty of Ausangate trek routes.

A person who is familiar with high elevation trek routes will be helpful for your safe journey.

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