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Let’s Make Out About San Pedro Market Cusco

The home of the chronological Inca Empire I.e City of Cusco is full of cobbled streets and the Inca walls. A city that the history lovers wish to discover.       

The Inca city offers a myriad of enticing stuff and spaces to explore. Places that are remarkable and diverse from the typical tourist’s locations and circuits. One of those famous and historic places in Cusco is San Pedro Market Cusco. It tempts hundreds of visitors every day. On any visit to Cusco, you must take a few hours to devour its local markets.

San Pedro Market, locally known as Mercado Central de San Pedro is just a few blocks away from the main square of Cusco, Plaza de Armas. 

Let’s Make Out About San Pedro Market Cusco

About the Market 

The San Pedro Market is an actual glory and the place is a reflection of incredible culture and traditions that abound the imperial city. Wandering on the streets of the market, you can witness a diversity of unfamiliar smells to vibrant colour wherever you notice.

In South America it is crucial to infer how to bargain, because there are several stalls selling the same things. You can dodge any of the stalls in the busy corridors of the market that will aspire to get your attention.

Let’s Make Out About San Pedro Market Cusco

What You Will Get in San Pedro Market Cusco

In the busy and bustling atmosphere of this iconic San Pedro Market Cusco you can explore the stuff of the market. It deserves your time from entire morning to afternoon. From the smells of spices to fresh fruit juices, stalls selling these items will try to get your attention, as they well know how to haggle.   

You can get fresh juices in the juice stands from 1.5 USD (5 Soles). Often you will get to see trucks offloading fruits and vegetables. 

Let’s Make Out About San Pedro Market Cusco

What to take?

When you enter the market, you will observe a space full of colourful stuff and visual enchantments to buy. Moving onto the market there are pens with Llamas, coloured figures, tablecloths and pillowcases, alpaca sweaters and many more.

The popular hats with ear flaps are most interesting and common among locals which are also known as ‘Chullos’. A little further down the market you will observe local women selling foods at very low rates. 

In addition to this, the menu accentuates a Peruvian dish which comprises red meat or chicken escorted by rice. If you want to try something typical, do go for guinea pig’s meat. It is a typical local meal. You must have freshly squeezed juices with every conceivable medley.

Let’s Make Out About San Pedro Market Cusco

Don’t Be Misled 

As the local market has stalls selling the same stuff they will try their best to seek your attention but visit each of the stalls before buying anything. Don’t feel ashamed to ask for the prices at different stalls and go for the lowest price of the stuff.

Machu Picchu and Sacred Valley tops the bucket list of all travellers. Although not a part of the city tours in Cusco, a visit to San Pedro Market is unmissable. 

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