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Palccoyo: The Alternative Rainbow Mountain

Palccoyo: The Alternative Rainbow Mountain

The Vinicunca rainbow mountain is an overcrowded spot in Peru that sometimes leads you to search for an alternative rainbow mountain. To avoid the overcrowded experience and explore the valley full of rainbow mountains you can visit Palccoyo instead!

The colourful mountain of the region has been recently discovered. They are open for visitors to experience the charm of the spectacular Palccoyo rainbow mountain.

Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain

Why Should You Visit Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain

Here we will share the bewitching 3 reasons that will make your visit to Palccoyo rainbow mountain worthwhile. So, let’s start – 

1. The Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain are the Recent Finding

Vinicunca was discovered in the year 2015 which is considered as one of the first rainbow mountains in Peru. Due to global warming, the snow-covered area was discovered to be a colourful mountain beneath. The distinctive colours of the rainbow come from different minerals present there such as red from rust, iron oxide, turquoise signifies the presence of chlorites and so on.

The magnificent glimpse of diverse layers of colours is what makes this mountain apart from others. The Palccoyo rainbow mountain was discovered in 2018 which is situated a bit far from Cusco but offers a spectacular gaze of the colourful mountain. It is located at an altitude of 4,980 metres above sea level, and has three rainbow mountains and a rock forest. So, for all those visitors who want to avoid crowds but don’t wish to compromise on the experience of watching colourful mountains then this is the best option.

Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain

2. The Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain is Free from Overcrowdedness, Social and Weather Challenges. 

One of the most exclusive advantages that you will get if you visit Palccoyo rainbow mountain is that it is free from massive tourist crowds, and curtails social and environmental influence.

Many people don’t have any idea about this rainbow mountain as it doesn’t have a heavy social media presence. So, to spend some peaceful moments amidst the colourful mountains. You can visit Palccoyo rainbow mountain as an alternative to the classic rainbow mountain.

Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain

3. The Journey to Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain is Smoother and More Graceful.

If you are the one looking for a relaxed and pleasant day trip to colourful mountains then this is one spot for you. You can explore the area in 2 to 3 hours. The inclination in the valley is incremental and the distance is thereby shorter.

You are trekking amidst the valley filled with the rainbow mountains that are surely going to give you eye-catching sights.

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