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Unfold the Secrets of Machu Picchu to Make Your Trek More Adventurous

Wish to visit the famous parts of South America? Machu Picchu Peru is an ideal spot. The stunning view of Inca Citadel is an experience for a lifelong. The panoramic view is so enticing that the first idea which would come to your mind is to capture these moments with your camera.

At an elevation of 2500 m above sea level, the archaeological site of Machu Picchu is an Inca Citadel. It was constructed as a royal estate by Inca emperor Pachacutec. When the Spanish conquistadors invaded the Inca empire, it was abandoned. Read on further to know

Llactapata Inca Trail, The Gringo trail South America, Inca Trail or Salkantay Trail

The Secrets of Hiking to Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu the lost city of the Incas has a brimming variety of Inca Ruins, snow-capped mountains, exotic vegetation, and incredible ecological diversity. The Machu Picchu Historic Sanctuary has over 250 species of orchids. It has a beautiful canopy of trees through the cloud forest, striking views and subtropical vegetation.

Hiking The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

Dead Woman’s Pass

While undertaking the Inca trail to Machu Picchu, Dead Woman’s Pass is the most difficult route with the most elevated mountain pass. It is set in the Andes mountain range that passes through Cloud forest and Alpine Tundra. 

Inca Ruins, Tunnels,  and Settlements are situated along the Inca Trail before termination into Machu Picchu. Their routes go beyond 4200 meters above sea level. This also results in altitude sickness.

Machu Picchu Secrets

Climb Huayna Picchu Early

Huayna Picchu is steeper. You can hike up it. There is a restriction imposed on the number of people who can trek every day. Look for the hut at the end of the city which is the entrance to the climb. 

The view from the top is mesmerising. Stay there for a while to get the perfect moment to click pictures during fewer crowds. 

There are many unknown trails and ruins in Huayna Picchu. A popular one though is the Secret Temple of Incas which is a must visit on your trip to Machu Picchu from Cusco. 

Altitude Sickness Peru Machu Picchu

Coca Leaves

In Machu Picchu, the elevation is such that it might bring inconvenience to you. Amongst the Machu Picchu Secrets, the best for your well being is biting coca leaves. This is the ultimate cure that is even used by the locals. You can alternatively buy coca gum as well. 

Trek Additional Mile

For mind refreshing scenery on Machu Picchu, climb extra miles to Huayna Picchu. The view is incredible.

Altitude Sickness Peru Machu Picchu

Llamas and Alpacas

You can capture pictures of Llamas and Alpacas. The idea of a good llama picture is to capture the sun at your back and, if possible, the city in the background.

Ausangate Rainbow Mountain Trek

The Sun Gate

The Sun Gate is a small layout to the Southeast of the town, in the notch of the hills. The pictures of the city from the trail below the Sun Gate are much better than the pictures up at the Sun Gate. You will get classic shots at this point with the Huayna Picchu in the background. 

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