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All You Need To Know Before You Start the Lares Trek In Cusco – Peru

The Lares trek in CuscoPeru, takes 3 days to trek and one day to visit Machu Picchu. It is the shortest and easiest route that crosses only one high pass.

The Lares Trek is one of the several Inca Trail options to Machu Picchu. The Trek has a lot for people who are looking for a combination of history, nature, and local culture.

You can also experience the lakes, natural hot springs, and Inca ruins. The trek takes you through the high mountain passes and sub-tropical valleys.

All You Need To Know Before You Start the Lares Trek In Peru

Trekking the Lares Valley gives an insight into life in the Peruvian highlands. You will get highlights of their Inca root which includes traditional textiles and ancient farming practices like alpaca herding.

Apart from experiencing the thrill of hiking a part of the Inca Trail system, you also get to meet the descendants of people who built the Inca Trails and Machu Picchu.

Here Is A List Of Things You Need To Keep In Mind Before You Head Towards Peru For The Lares Trek:

  1. How High Is The Lares Trek?

The Lares Trek is at a fairly high altitude. It requires the right acclimatization. The first two nights are spent at 3700 meters and the next two nights are spent at around 2700 meters.

  1. Altitude Sickness During The Lares Trek

The Lares Trek crosses the Condor Pass at 4300 meters. It involves the dangers of altitude sickness.

According to trekking experts, it is advisable to spend at least one day in Cusco for acclimatization. While on the trek people use coca leaves which are used to suppress the effects of altitude sickness.

  1. Listen To Your Body

During the trek, you should be aware and talk about the symptoms of altitude sickness. Listen carefully to your body and take breaks when needed. You should eat as much as you can because your body works hard and needs a lot of carbohydrates during the trek. 

All You Need To Know Before You Start the Lares Trek In Cusco – Peru

  1. Get Fit For The Lares Trek

You should practice hiking before starting the final hike to the Lares. When you get the hang of hiking you can increase your intensity by carrying backpacks and also add longer hikes of 3 hours to your weekly schedule.

  1. Do Moderate Strength Exercise

Before you begin packing, it is suggested to do some basic strength exercises and get a bit stronger for the trek.

One thing guaranteed is that at the end of this trip you will be planning another one back to Peru as soon as you get home.

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