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Choquequirao, last refuge of the Incas

Choquequirao, last refuge of the Incas

Choquequirao, The Last Refuge of the Incas

After the invention of the Spanish, the Incas of the Vilcabamba valley took sanctuary at Choquequirao in a last-ditch bid to reclaim control. Its name translates to “Golden Cradle,” and its grandeur and majesty have prompted parallels to Machu Picchu.

Choquequirao is not simple to reach: it takes four or five days to trek there and you must sleep along the route, but the prize is amazing once you arrive. This enormous stone edifice, which is included in Peru’s National Heritage, was named Best in Travel by the Lonely Planet travel book in 2017.

Choquequirao is a Peruvian archaeological site located in the Vilcabamba mountain range. It’s about a two-day hike from Cuzco each way. Choquequirao is widely said to be better maintained, more distant, and larger than Machu Picchu’s remains. It is far more difficult to get to than Machu Picchu, hence it receives far fewer visitors.

Choquequirao, last refuge of the Incas

The trail:

Choquequirao is a 64-kilometer trip that begins at 2900 meters and ends at 3050 m at the remains. This is a four-, five-, or six-day climb. Though it may not appear to be a very difficult climb, appearances may be misleading.

The Choquequirao trek takes hikers deep into a mountainside valley, dropping 1,500 meters in two days (4 days if you pick the four-day option) and then climbing 1,800 meters over the next five days. As you might expect, this approach is difficult, thus few people attempt it, leaving the remains untouched and peaceful.

The Choquequirao Trek, which can last six days, takes a more laid-back approach. While the strenuous climb and descent are still ahead of you, you may take your time acclimating and taking in the scenery all along the route.

Choquequirao, last refuge of the Incas

The Tour:

With a tour, getting to Choquequirao is much easier. When booking a tour, there are various factors to examine, including the number of days you want to trek for. We prefer a 5- or 6-day trip over a 4-day one.

This will offer you extra time to walk up or down the difficult valley, as well as a whole day to visit Choquequirao’s remains. It’s worthwhile paying for an additional day exploring and appreciating the ruins if you’re ready to hike for four days to get there.

Choquequirao, last refuge of the Incas

Entrance fee:

Choquequirao, like many other tourist spots in Peru, charges an admission fee. The admission charge is 60 soles (USD 18). Have enough cash to pay in soles for your admittance.

If you’re taking a guided tour, this cost will almost certainly be covered.

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