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Choquequirao Peru – Choquequirao Trail Peru

Thinking of visiting South America? Choquequirao Peru deserves all your attention. The Choquequirao Tail Peru is a great trek for travel enthusiasts. 

The Choquequirao Trail Peru will take you to a large stretch of Inca ruins. These ruins nestles on top of a hill on the outskirts of Cusco.     

Choquequirao Peru - Choquequirao Trail Peru

Where is Choquequirao Trek?

Sitting high in the Vilcabamba mountain range, it mainly ranges between 2500m – 2700m above sea level. The most elevated point is at a height of around 3150 m. Choquequirao Trail Peru is amongst the least known and least hiked. 

Choquequirao Peru is at an adequate distance from Machu Picchu and Sacred Valley. This lost city of Incas carries a lot of discussions regarding its period of construction and the justification behind it. It is so huge that it stretches out over an entire city. Several regions of these ruins are still unknown.    

Choquequirao Peru - Choquequirao Trail Peru

About Choquequirao:

Locals refer to both Inca cities as Sacred Sisters Choquequirao and Machu Picchu were built in the same era by the Inca emperor, Pachacutec. When the Spanish invaded Peru, due to its remote location, they could not discover its exact location. Just as Machu Picchu, the Incas left this abandoned too. 

Choquequirao Trail Peru is a high altitude experience. It is highly recommended to acclimate well in Cusco City, before the trek to avoid altitude sickness. Machu Picchu attracts over 5000 visitors a day, Choquequirao however, sees 7-8 visitors a day. This is because of its remote location. 

The only way to reach the ruins is by doing a 4 day hike. Although it is possible to do the trek without a guide, it is highly worth signing up for a guided tour. Primarily because most sections of the trek are through remote and secluded regions. It is always advisable to hike with someone who is well aware of the trail. 

In order to enhance tourism, local authorities are planning on installing a cable car from the neighbouring village. This is will attract over 5000 daily visitors. 

Choquequirao Peru - Choquequirao Trail Peru

Amazing Spots in Choquequirao Trek “the Cradle of Gold”

Choquequirao Trek to Machu Picchu is a great alternative for the Inca Trail and Salkantay Trek. It has many exemplary sites to visit.

The Main Square – This is where you will reach and excavate the ruins of the building in the shadows of trees.

LIama Wall – These nicely structured steep terraces are sophisticatedly designed. 

The Mirador – It was thought to be a ceremonial site. This is the area where you would wish to click as many pictures as you want.

Plaza Hanan – Hanan can be related to high in Quechua. You can see contours and incredible colours of the day.

Choquequirao Peru – Choquequirao Trail Peru

What is the Best Time for Choquequirao Trek?

April, May, September, and October are ideal for Choquequirao Trek. The weather conditions are pleasant. 

It hardly rains during these months. The nights are warmer. The best part about this trek is that it is very affordable. 

The winters start from June to August. You would not get a heavy pour of rain. The nights are extremely cold and the days are warm. 

The trek starts in Cachora, a little town around 3 hours outside of Cusco. It then takes you down the hill to Playa Rosalina and then a full day uphill hike will get you to the complex. 

Choquequirao Peru – Choquequirao Trail Peru

Final Words

The Choquequirao trial is generally interestingly distinguished from other trips in Peru. Choquequirao has courts, porches, aqueducts, sanctuaries, and temples. The trek is not very easy. You must know that the difficulty is worth the amazing adventure that this trek awaits you. 

It is highly recommended to have travel insurance. The minimum age allowed for this trek is 8 years. Therefore, you can come with your family if your children are grown up. Escape the crowd of the city and enjoy amazing days in the lap of nature. 

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