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Choquequirao: The Other Machu Picchu

Choquequirao: The Other Machu Picchu

Choquequirao or popularly known as “The Sister city of Machu Picchu”. It nestles on the side of the mountain and is a secluded and jaw-dropping Inca site. The trek to Choquequirao is a 3 to 4-day trek and it’s very difficult to reach there. This makes it more momentous. The structures carved & designed in the complex have some purposes like vertical elaborate stone terraces made for food repositories, water canals, and Inca hilltop ceremonies, etc.

Views and Scenarios in Choquequirao 

The eye-catching scenery and sights throughout the Choquequirao are one of the most amazing things to experience. The snow-capped Vilcabamba mountains, an incredible blend of alpine & elevated desert terrain at the extremes (between 5,000 -10,000 feet), and the imperial panoramas ease the rigours of the gruelling ups and downs of the trek.

 Mules to Carry the Loads

You will find mules here for carrying your gear. It aids in ameliorating the climb and provides you with extra duration to explore the magnificent views. Earlier there was no bridge for crossing the Apurimac River but now it’s easy to cross the river.

Tons of Epic Rewards 

After you reach the lost Inca city, you will get to witness spectacular rewards. Ancient Inca stone designs nestle here in the residences and temples. Sit on the terrace that gazes out to gigantic elevations and the ostensibly unending Apurímac Valley below.

Striking Features 

One of the most fascinating aspects of the citadel is its inclusive hillside. Here the patios have been embellished with Ilama motifs. 22 Llamas run down the hillside, while at the foot of the porches, there is a stone motif of a solo herder. It is some of the most creative stone artwork discovered anywhere in the world.

Cable Car Installation 

The Peruvian government is planning to introduce a sophisticated Cable Car system. This will attract more tourists and provide better accessibility to the Inca city. The government thinks that introduction of this Cable Car at Choquequirao will intensify its dollar revenue by attracting extra tourists to the place & limit travellers to the trek of Machu Picchu.

Very few visitors explore this place despite spite of its outstanding hospitality and amazing scenery. You will get plenty of awesome stuff at this incredible trek. Including a set of A-frame cabins on the rim of the peak to look back at the entire route and admire its natural beauty. You must visit this part of Peru to experience extraordinary sites and adventurous activities in South America.

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