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Pisac: An Unmissable Village in the Sacred Valley of the Incas

Pisac: An Unmissable Village in the Sacred Valley of the Incas

One of the most sensational and notable destinations in the Sacred Valley of the Incas is the Andean hippy town of Pisac. It’s not just extraordinary because of its precinct to Cusco but also due to the wonderful traditional manner of life that it depicts. The spectacular Incas ruins that clench to the cliffside above the town never fails to attract visitors.

The impact of the Andean community, its customs and new-era enchantment throwing in tons of textiles, souvenirs and Sunday market has made the Pisac the centre of attraction for all visitors passing by the sacred valley of the Incas.

What Makes This Place Special

Here are a couple of intriguing highlights of the Pisac –

1. Local Tribe –

You will find a fascinating array of Andean traditions followed by the local people in Pisac. Women are wearing the traditional attires that are Iliclla, which are like blankets wrapped around their necks & are used as backpacks, polleras which is colourful and vibrant skirts, and their colourful jackets jobonas.

Pisac people

2. Traditional Food –

If you have visited Pisac, you must not forget to try their regional foods. Also, you must try out food like wood stove cooked empanadas, rocoto relleno and cuy (guinea pig).

3. Fresh Food –

Most of the Andean community people are farmers and they still move forward with this custom. So, if you want to get fresh vegetables, herbs, fruits and spices this must be your one-stop destination.

4. Sunday Market

It’s one of the most preferable times to visit Pisac if you want to experience & explore the small Andean town, its rich culture and traditions. Sunday market is the spot when the Plaza de Armas is revamped into an expedient market that intensifies to inhabit every inch of the area. You can uncover plenty of shopping stuff, food and drinks in this market.

Pisac Market

5. Andean Souvenirs –

Here you will find everything you were searching for in Cusco. As the endless stores offer a variety of amazing stuff, you won’t feel like you have skipped out on anything. That’s why Pisac is more famous for its shopping destinations.

6. Textiles –

The local Andean women of the community are well-known for their fabulously crafted textiles which you will discover in the Pisac.  Every morning the nearby communities come to the Pisac market to sell their goods and products even at lower prices than in Cusco.

Traditional weaving in Pisac

Final Words

The small Andean town has jaw-dropping Inca ruins, traditional markets and stores, souvenirs, food and so on to make it worth going!  

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