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Salkantay Trek vs Lares Trek: Which is More Worthwhile?

Salkantay Trek vs Lares Trek

For most of us, trekking to Machu Picchu is inseparable from the Classic Inca Trail. This is a very famous route to the historical Incan ruins. It is the great street that the Quechua people utilized to go to the sacred site for several years. 

However, trekking the 4 Day Inca Trail Tour is not the only means to go to Machu Picchu. With the day by day limit of 500 people permitted on it and the increasing population of the road, many have decided to take a substitute course to the ancient site. 

Certainly, the most well-known alternative treks are Salkantay Trek vs Lares Trek. These are great options and are also extraordinary treks for adventurers wishing to go to Machu Picchu.  Both are high altitude treks.

Let us know more about the difference between the two paths to help you make an informed decision. There are a few components you must consider while coordinating the best route to your requirements.

Machu Picchu Lares Trek, Salkantay Trek vs. Lares Trek


Some groups offer Lares and Salkantay journeys from three to five days. However, the majority of the options include four days of travelling.

Deciding on Machu Picchu trips of 3-5 days is nicest since it gives you a decent time to enjoy. You will not be racing to finish the trek super quickly. 

Altitude Sickness Peru Machu Picchu


Both the Inca Trail alternatives need four days to climb. The Lares Trip is an extremely convenient alternative as it covers about 22 miles in four days. 

The Salkantay Journey covers 45 miles. This makes this route more exhausting.

Altitude Sickness Peru Machu Picchu, Salkantay Trek vs. Lares Trek


The main point while choosing Salkantay Trek vs Lares Trek is the time to be visited. On the Salkantay Trek, the trails are open from April to October. Salkantay trips are available between June and August as well.

The Lares Trek is available for a  longer period. You can plan a Lares trek any time from April to August which is also the dry season. 

Machu Picchu Lares Trek, Salkantay Trek vs. Lares Trek

Maximum Elevation

Both these treks to Machu Picchu take you through high mountain passes. The highest point in the Salkantay Trek is the Salkantay Pass at 4600 meters. The Lares have an elevation of 4400 meters. Nevertheless, both paths offer an incredible route extending a memorable experience.

Altitude Sickness Peru Machu Picchu


Salkantay Trek begins near the snow capped Andean peaks and descends to the cloud forest from where you will have the option  to take a train to Aguas Calientes or simply hike along the railway tracks for three hours. 

Lares Trek on the contrary takes you through some less trodden routes. You will get an insight to the ancient Inca culture. The trek ends near Ollantaytambo in the Sacred Valley of Incas. From here, Aguas Calientes is a three hour train ride. 

Altitude Sickness Peru Machu Picchu, Salkantay Trek vs. Lares Trek


Be prepared to have several days of climbing to elevations more than 3,000 meters. 

Due to the extra distance and more difficult path, the Salkantay Trip is without a doubt challenging of the two. You need to have the physical strength to trek Salkantay Trek VS Lares Trek.

Final Words 

When discussing Salkantay Trek vs Lares Trek, both the treks are similar in terms of accommodation. The porters will set camp for relaxing. The largest route is less managed and has fewer facilities. They always have shower blocks and toilet facilities. 

The Salkantay route has more facilities in comparison to Lares Valley Trek. What are you waiting for? Delay no further and book your ticket today. 

If you want more information, check our detailed article about the Lares Trek.

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