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Things to do in Pisac Peru

Situated in the western zone of the Sacred Valley, Pisac is one of the highly impressive ruins. It is a giant mountain that serves as farming terraces. It was popular for agricultural practices in the Inca Empire.

The ruins of Pisac Peru are the largest and are in the shape of birds. These forms are visible from the air.    

Pisac Peru

Pisac Market

Due to its extraordinary setting, Pisac is famous for its art market. The craft market offers travellers the chance to buy or just see a lot of handmade products by local craftsmen or neighbouring communities.

With modern and ancient attractions, Pisac Peru Market has gained popularity among visitors. It is one of the most incredible ruins. It attracts several tourists to its well-known market. 

Things to do in Pisac Peru

See Huge Clay Ovens

While roaming in Pisac, you can see huge clay ovens tucked in several spots. The most valid is the colonial oven dating back to the 1830s. 

These ovens were popular to make Castillo cues cuyes. These were miniature castles for guinea pigs. The ovens are also utilised to prepare empanadas which are a tasty snack.

Pisac Peru

Extraordinary Crafts

You will find many crafts that simulate Inca archaeological pieces, musical instruments, and alpaca clothing. This is very particular of the area that necessarily will benefit with that cold winter of its area.

The indigenous Quechua communities from the enclosing highlands come to Pisac to sell their produce and stock up on rations for the week.

Crafters from the local community participate and exhibit their skills in the form of wonderful artworks. 

Although the pieces of crafts that the artisans sell can very effortlessly be purchased from other parts of Peru, there is a vast atmosphere in the alleys of the market. They show unique fabrics made with alpaca wool and tinted in bright colours.

Pisac Peru

Picturesque View of the Surrounding Town 

If you have some extra time, you can see the Inca culture which is very scenic. Surrounded by mountains, the atmosphere is lovely. You can take a day trip to Pisac from Cusco to see these musings. 

Things to do in Pisac Peru

Click Pictures in Traditional Outfit

Pisac Peru has many spots and markets where women dress in their traditional outfit. You can click a picture in exchange for some money. 

They can effortlessly be seen as they generally look after by a baby sheep or other tiny animal. They wear colourful outfits, which will add colour to your picture.

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