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What to Expect When Hiking the Rainbow Mountain in Peru

What to Expect When Hiking the Rainbow Mountain in Peru

The Rainbow Mountain also known as the Mountain of Seven Colors has emerged as a popular travel spot among international visitors in Peru. It was discovered in 2015, when the snow covering it melted and revealed its natural beauty.

The trail is mostly flat until the final ascent, but the high altitude poses challenges for hikers. You are usually recommended to walk at a relaxed pace.

The locals of the area keep herds of llamas and alpacas, so you will have the chance to see these furry creatures along the way. When you reach the final point of the summit, you will witness the panoramic views of the Rainbow Mountain as well as the nearby Red Valley.

What to Expect When Hiking Rainbow Mountain in Peru

Facts about the Hike:

Elevation:      17,060 feet above sea level.

Duration:       3-4 hours, depending on your pace.

Distance:        7 km

Difficulty:      Moderate to difficult, depending on your physical fitness level.

Best Time to Visit

The Peruvian Andes witnesses two distinct seasons which are the dry season from April to October; and the rainy season from November to March.

You can plan your adventure between March and September. The months between July and August are the sunniest of all but this is also the peak tourism season in Peru. During these months you can contend with large crowds of up to 3,000 people each day.

However, the months like October and May offer a good balance between visitor numbers and climatic conditions. All the visitors coming to Rainbow Mountain are suggested to come prepared with clothes for all weather conditions as it can change quickly.

What to Expect When Hiking Rainbow Mountain in Peru

Things to Bring for the Hike

  • A refillable water bottle
  • Snacks for the hike
  • Peruvian soles in smaller bills if you want to pay for a horse ride.
  • Comfortable hiking shoes
  • A warm hat.
  • Multiple layers of clothing
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses

Things to Remember during the Hike to the Rainbow Mountains

  • Take the time to acclimatize to the high altitude for one or two days before attempting the hike.
  • Take medicine for altitude sickness.
  • Drink coca tea which is considered an herbal remedy by locals for altitude sickness for thousands of years.
  • You should avoid heavy meals, alcoholic beverages and smoking cigarettes.
  • You should stay hydrated throughout the tour.

The Rainbow Mountain is nestled in the Andes Mountains of Peru. It was once a spectacle that could be admired only by trekkers along the Ausangate Trek, but now you can also reach the Rainbow Mountain in a 1 or 2 days hike as part of your Peru vacation.

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