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Choquequirao Trek Vs Salkantay Trek

Choquequirao Trek Vs Salkantay Trek

If you love to discover the trails of Machu Picchu and experience the enthralling trekking routes, the most famous one is Salkantay Trek, but what about Choquequirao Trek. There are a few amazing facts and differences between these trekking routes that we are going to discuss in this article Choquequirao Trek Vs Salkantay Trek.     

So, all the excursions to Machu Picchu have a similar commencing point, Cusco. Both these trek routes start at the same place. Yes, but there is a distinction at the end destination of both routes. In this article Choquequirao Trek Vs Salkantay Trek we will tell you all about them.

Once you are clear about where you want to end your exploration you can select any of the trekking excursions. If we talk about the Salkantay trek’s end destination it reaches the Incas City while Choquequirao’s ending point is Hidden Machu Picchu.

Salkantay Trek, Salkantay Trek: What to Expect?

The Salkantay Route

The modern route to Machu Picchu is the Salkantay trek. If you follow this Salkantay Trek to get to Machu Picchu you have to travel fifty-eight kilometers surrounded by truly unbelievable landscapes and a terrific glacial lake very close to the Nevado Salkantay.

This route is one of the most famous routes. So there is no trouble with space since the trails are wide. For accommodation, you choose to stay in the campsites or you can also spend a night in the glass igloo in the middle of the valley.

Choquequirao Trek to Machu Picchu

Choquequirao Trek

The end destination to this Choquequirao Trek is Hidden Macchu Picchu at Choquequirao. It is inferred as the last oasis to the Inca Empire. It is considered one of the most glorious places in South America which adds historical value to this place.

You have to be prepared to walk 48 km at a high altitude, encircled by mountain gods. The views of the snow-capped mountains, valleys, and Apurimac River canyon are sensational. This route is lesser crowded and if you want to experience adventure and tranquillity you must choose this unique route.

As Salkantay, you can’t sleep throughout the tour as it is at such a high altitude. So, if you dare to experience an unforgettable adventure, you can surely go for this route.


In this article, all the qualms about Choquequirao Trek Vs Salkantay Trek have been resolved. So, now you can make your mind according to your curiosities that whether you want to choose Choquequirao trek or Salkantay Trek. Well, both these routes will definitely be going to give you an amazing experience.

If you need additional information for the Salkantay Trek, you can read our Ultimate Salkantay Trek Packing List.

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