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Cusco Tourist Ticket: The Complete Guide

Cusco Tourist Ticket: The Complete Guide

There are plenty of tourist attractions in the city of Cusco like stunning Inca archaeological sites, museums galore and a lot of hikes as well. The new wonder of the world Machu Picchu is undoubtedly attracting a huge number of visitors. With lots of attraction spots, it’s difficult to plan your trip.

You must be wondering about the huge amount of cash that needs to be expended for visiting these intriguing sites in Cusco. Well, there is a solution to this: the Cusco Tourist Ticket.

What is the Cusco Tourist Ticket? 

The Cusco Tourist Ticket is an individual token that allows you entrance to plenty of sites around the town. If you buy this ticket you can freely visit all the tourist destinations in the city by paying once for a certain number of days.

Cusco Main Square at night

How & Where You Will Get This Pass? 

You can buy a Cusco Tourist Ticket at the first spot you travel. This will be an instant purchase that is on spot without any prior planning. Between the opening hours from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, you can head to the COSITUC office on Avenida El Sol 103 in Cusco to purchase the ticket.

Inca fortress of Sacsayhuaman

How Many Sites Are Involved In The Cusco Tourist Ticket? 

Want to know what the Cusco Tourist Ticket consists of? Keep on reading to know about all the sites incorporated in the tourist pass. Here it goes –

  • Saqsayhuamán
  • Q’enqo
  • Puka Pukara
  • Tambomachay

All of the above four have similar opening hours from 7:00-17:30 on Mon-Sun.

  • Contemporary Art Museum – opening time: 9:00-18:00 on Mon-Sat ( Closed on Sunday )
  • Museo Historical Regional – opening time: 8:00-17:00 on Mon-Sun.
  • Monumento Pachacuteq
  • Tipon – opening hours:  7:00-18:00 on Mon-Sun.
  • Museo de Qoricancha – opening time: 9:00-18:00 on Mon-Sun.
  • Museo de Arte Popular – opening hours: 8:00-18:00 on Mon-Sat
  • Centro Qosqo de Arte Nativo – opening hours: 18:30-20:00 on Mon-Sun.
  • Pikillaqta – opening times: 8:30-16:30 on Mon-Sun
  • Pisac – opening times: 8:00-16:30 on Mon-Sun
  • Ollantaytambo – opening hours: 7:00-17:00 on Mon-Sun
  • Chinchero – opening times: 7:00-18:00 on Mon-Sun
  • Moray – opening times: 7:00-17:00 on Mon-Sun

Cusco Main Square at night

Benefits of Buying the Cusco Tourist Ticket

Well, there are sufficient reasons to purchase a tourist ticket when travelling to Cusco. Let’s have an overview in a more precise way.

  1. Include great choices – It makes your trip easier as you will have no further load of paying for the tickets at different sites as you will pay it at once.
  2. Little planning – It eases your vacation planning as you will need not worry about the entrance.
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