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Visiting the Sacsayhuaman Inca Fortress in Cusco

Situated in the outskirts of Cusco, Peru, Sacsayhuaman Fortress is one of the best fortresses in the world. The magnificence and resplendence of this building make it impressive. It is a complex archaeological building in the Perus surrounded by diverse flora and fauna.

More than twenty thousand men extracted the stones from quarries. The stones were moved 20 kilometres to the hill. It retains around 40 per cent of the old structure. This building holds a lot of mystery in itself.   

Sacsayhuaman Fortress

Where is Sacsayhuaman Fortress?

It is located two kilometres from the main Cusco square, 3700 meters above sea level. The falcons and llamas stand out amongst the flora and fauna.

The Incas are stonemasons and this reflects in their architecture. The fine cutting, setting of the block, sharp curves and chipping of the building is a real treat to the eyes.

The actual meaning of Sacsayhuaman is a spot where the hawk is satiated. It also means the Royal Eagle. It gets its name because of the birds present there. This was a fortress or a ceremonial centre. 

Sacsayhuaman Fortress

Architecture of Fortress

The wall are of big stones which are 5 meters in height. These stones weigh around 125 tons. The Sacsayhuaman Fortress has three terraces with walls of 18 meters.

Sacsayhuaman has beautiful sites. The summits of Ausangate, Pachatusán, and Cinca are visible from here. These are very sacred to the Incas. Each sculpture retains a lot of significance. 

The Towers: These towers are on the walls in zigzag. The aqueducts are in use even today. 

Chicanas (Tunnels): These are the tunnels in Sacsayhuaman. There are two underground caves. 

Muyucmarca: It is a building which holds historic importance.

Paucarca: These were to store water.

The Door: The central and middle portion of bastions has these doors. 

Salamanca: It connects towers by tunnels. Today, its foundation remains.

The Walls: It is made by zigzag which is serrated platforms. These limestone walls fit together perfectly. The largest structure here weighs 128 tons.

Sacsayhuaman Fortress

Final Words

Sacsayhuaman is located only 10mins by car from the Plaza de Armas (in Cusco). It is 45 minutes by walking.

You will need a Cusco Tourist Ticket to enter the complex. City Tour can be hired as well. The Cusco ticket gives you access to remarkable sites in the Sacred Valley of Peru. Get ready to witness the ultimate beauty of Sacsayhuaman Fortress.

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